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Since this site is dedicated to you/your perspective, experience, and insight; we invite U to submit articles and stories of interest to U – and your internet friends!

This page will be for exchanging stories, ideas, information, and poems, (pics also accepted) for English language and cultural acquisition.

See these upcoming titles:

Coffeemania- Information from a local coffee grinder -roaster selling his fresh roasts to locals + we’ll hear from baristas~ + a glossary of coffee terms (for your cup’a “joe”)

Tech Talk- How does tech use in Washington differ from overseas experiences? Do you miss anything (such as better equipment or access to service)? This is an open forum --- Sorry, not yet a Webinar ☹

Altered Sight- Why do so many misspellings, mispronunciations, and grammatical errors occur around you? (is it all due to Spell check?)

Tick Tock- time in different cultures: contact us with your perceptions of Americans’ use of time.

211- Did you know you can get community resource information TRANSLATED INTO KOREAN?