Tell us a Pet Story

Ginny 2007.06.13 18:22 조회 수 : 13249 추천:121

I've been a fan of a well-behaved rat-terrier dog for the last few months.  When I see her, I am impressed by her loving behavior, her tidy appearance, her minimal barking, and her apparent sensitivity.  But most of all, I am
amazed at her ability to jump straight into the air at double (or more) her height!  

She is not my dog, but she and I have become friends and I am considering a dog like that for my home.
  And you might, too!  

This dog's owners like to take her on drives with them in their car, and just about everywhere they go!  I notice
the result of her good training because she is given freedom in both the indoors and outside.   When I visit them, she announces her desire to go outside by running to the porch doors and wagging her tail excitedly.  The very moment the porch door is opened, she tears out the door at high speed and leaps off the stairs.  She chases squirrels away from the porch birdfeeder and any other animals that approach the yard.  

One day, when I was about to leave my friends?house, I was shocked when opening the door: there, on the "Welcome" mat at the doorstep, was a brown, big, recently killed rat!! I was greeted by the little dog, wagging her tail rapidly, and looking more at me for my approval, than that any scolding. I closed the door immediately to catch my breath, only to learn she was already an experienced "rat-catcher"!  The household sprang into action with power-washer, bags, and some powerful cleansers.
When I peeked outside for a second look, I noticed my four-legged friend had gotten quite messy and might even have gotten hurt in the hunting encounter.   In my concern, I reached out for her, but she slipped through my hands.  Having failed to catch her that way, I decided to "bribe" her with a treat, and compliments, such as "Good girl!".  These had no effect on drawing her closer to me, but, they did succeed in endearing me to her!  She and I have a wonderful human-canine relationship since that experience.

Who knows?  Maybe she'll bring a rodent "trophy" for me someday!  And I'll be the one wondering why I ever rewarded her behavior!

And who knows?! Maybe you have an even more unusual pet story? Let's be entertained by it!  And good luck with all your pets!!