Youn Sun Nah

Sunday, October 13, 7:30pm, Triple Door

Mesmerizing South Korean vocalist Youn Sun Nah is both distinctive and innovative. Highly praised as “one of the best singers in jazz today, and one of the most winning” (La Dépêche) she's been decorated with awards from both the Korean and French governments, performed at the 2014 Winter Olympics, and released ten albums.

Her refreshingly rich voice, which All About Jazz describes as “dramatic, sensual, and bluesy,” reflects her expansive personality and wide experience, uniting traditions from Korea, French chanson, and her own take on hits that range from Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon, to Jimi Hendrix and Nine Inch Nails. She’s able to move “seamlessly...between impressionistic high drama, abstract improv, or a folk artist’s candid simplicity” she’s truly “a style-blending star” (The Guardian).

Youn Sun Nah is joined by Tomek Miernowski (guitars, piano, synthesizer) and Brad Jones (bass).

Seating and dinner service begin at at 6pm, show at 7:30pm. This show is all ages.

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