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‘The secret of marriage 2’ that everyone knows but no one can succeed


People do not take marriage for granted anymore. Now marriage becomes a pain in the neck to many people (and our society as well) as you can see that we even use the word “success” to describe one’s marital status. But the more it is hard for you to find the right person, the more you need 100% credible information. People who “succeeded” to marry give you essential advice for you.


This is the second secret of success to marry brought to you by Sunoo’s database of 30,000 married couple!


1. Find someone who shares the similar taste and hobby

A couple ordered Tteok-bok-i (the sticky rice snack). One eats fish cake, and the other one eats sticky rice. Enjoying the snack, they are happy about the fact that “we never argue when it comes to our food habits or taste!” Why do couples argue and fight? Taste can be a critical factor for couples. Think about this. If a vegetarian and a meatatarian become husband and wife. Now, what kind of food do they need to prepare and eat? Perhaps the biggest drama can be started from the dinner table. So is hobby. One loves to watch movies, but the other one likes sports. In order for them to spend their time together, “negotiation” is must and never stops. Now the new generation, who have strong character and preference, pays a lot of attention to partner’s taste and hobby. Taste and hobby are about one’s lifestyle. To share the same (or similar at least) lifestyle is necessary to enjoy a happy marriage life.


2. Target a “niche”

“We have the four years age gap.” When she said this, people believed she married a man who was four years older than her. But in reality, she married a man who was four years younger than her. People got shocked by this. Granted we are living in the new world, but still, people have very conventional ideas regarding marriage. But should men earn more and learn more than women? Should women be younger than men? If you unlearn all of these kinds of conventional ideas, it will be much easier for you to find the right person.

There was a woman who was in her mid-thirty. She wanted to find a man who was older than her. A very few men were “unmarried and” older than her. “How come could I find an unmarried man who also had a similar achievement and background?” Want to find a rare animal? If you are hunting that kind of “rare man,” you will never be able to marry. She finally changed her mind and tried to find a man who was even younger than her (or was seeking remarriage). The future of “niche market” is bright. And it’s not a competitive market, because people’s mindset just got started to change.


3. Men shall not be pick on look, women shall be free from parent’s intervention

Men tend to choose a beauty who is older than them, rather than an ordinary woman who is younger than them. Although it is true that some men have “cougar” fantasy, physical appearance tops everything. But if you stick to women’s look too much, you cannot control your pickiness even to the point that you find faults right in front of awesome-enough ladies (which is the “red alert”).

In women’s case, parents’ intervention can hamper women’s seeking on spouse. There was a career soldier who was discussing about their marriage plan with his girlfriend. Soon after that, he realized that her parents were not really happy about his job. The reason was simple; “soldiers are stubborn and boring.” He told his girlfriend “it can be, but not all soldiers are stubborn and boring.” His girlfriend, initially, agreed with him. But he could still see that she inclined to care about her parents’ shallow advice. He was disappointed by her faddiness that she was vacillated by wrong guidance without her own mind. As you can see in this case, women who have a strong and good relationship with their parents, if their parents heavily intervene in daughters’ lives, might fail to deal with the relationship with their men.







4. It’s never late to make up your mind after meeting him/her more than three times.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. He was the man whom she dated once, but she could not even recognize him. Her story is as follows. A month ago, she dated a man. She did not like the first impression and refused his request for the second date. And, dining with her friend in a restaurant, she now sees the man who is with another lady. But his impression and style are just different. He was a stylish man. “Should I have dated him one more time?” And now she is suffering from awkward bitterness.

Some people make you like them more and more as you meet and know them. But some people make you disappointed, unlike the good first impression you had. In order to understand and know someone, you need to date him/her at least three times. You are about to make the most critical decision in your life. There is no reason you need to hurry. Do not regret like the lady above.


5. Nice smile, good character, and humor

According to the statistic of physical checkup for conscription of 2016 from Military Manpower Administration, the average stature of Korean men is 173-174cm, which is the tallest in Asia, compared to 171cm of Japan and 168cm of China. But it seems that many Korean ladies believe 180cm should be the average stature of men. Years ago, “under-180cm losers” went viral online, which actually tells us the stature might be the biggest stress for Korean men. But what about short men who are very successful in their dating and married life? So we did comprehensive research on 84 married men, who are under 165cm, yet enjoying their happy married life. What are the commons they all have? The answer is “good impression, bright and nice character, and the sense of humor.” It’s very true that physical attractiveness is of course important. But the data tell us one can overcome his lack of physical attractiveness with his efforts.




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